Diet Plan: Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

The Mayo Clinic Plan is a diet program based on the clinic’s healthy weight pyramid. The Mayo Clinic is considered by most top dietitians and health experts as one of the most credible health resources. They have partnered their program with E-Diets to bring their version of weight loss to the on line world.

Food Guidelines The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid heavily emphasizes vegetables and fruit – and says these foods may be eaten in unlimited quantities. Grains, an example of another carbohydrate, play a far lesser role on the pyramid. Consuming ample amounts of vegetables will not only provide a nutritionally rich diet; but will also lead to the desire to eat less sugary and fatty foods. The Mayo Clinic’s diet program is one of the most healthful and natural diets you will ever find.

Sample Meal Plan The following is a 1200 calorie meal plan based on the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid.


1 banana
1 cub of bran cereal
1 cup fat free milk
Herbal tea


Tuna sandwich made with ½ cup water packed tuna, chopped celery, leaf lettuce, 1 tablespoon of low calorie mayonnaise, and 2 whole grain toast slices
2 cubs of raw baby carrots
1 Apple


Cod with lemon and capers
¾ cup steamed green beans
½ cub sliced beets
Salad made with Boston, butterhead or leaf lettuce, ½ cup of cherry tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil.
Sparkling water with lemon.

Isn’t the Mayo Clinic Diet a fad? For a lot of years, people have been using a crash diet referred to as the “Mayo Clinic Diet” – despite the diet having no connection or endorsement with the actual Mayo Clinic. The crash diet was low calorie and nutritionally unbalanced. The fad diet everyone was on bears no resemblance to the official Mayo Clinic diet program.

Mayo Clinic Diet Goes Online It was a revolutionary day for weight loss and nutrition when a partnership was formed between one of the most respected health institutions and one of the most popular on line diet websites. This makes the Mayo Clinic an outstanding program. E-Diets adds to the Mayo Clinic by offering a vast array of weight loss tools to go along with the Mayo Diet guidelines, this also includes extensive community help and support.

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